Rapid cement hydration

Utilising the SeaCure® inner-string technology as an installed conduit, QuikCure® is the engineered process of circulating a heated fluid after cement slurry placement to elevate the surrounding cement setting environment. Accelerating the cement slurry enhances the early compressive strength development properties, reduce waiting on cement (WOC) and saving rig time.

QuikCure® has been proven to reduce wait on cement time from 13.5 hours to just 4 hours.

Rapid cement hydration with QuikCure®

Ambient mud line temperatures can be near freezing for subsea drilling projects, especially in deep water basins. These low temperatures can drastically extend cement setting times for top hole sections.

Waiting on cement (WOC) for conductor and surface casings is necessary for sufficient compressive strength build-up in the cement slurry. This provides a strong foundation for the well and allows for precise alignment for the well control package, including the subsea blowout preventer, and ensures safe functional capability.

By introducing a controlled-temperature heat sweep into the inner string by casing ID (inner) annulus through the SeaCure® cementing assembly, the QuikCure® process can increase compressive strength build-up in the annular placed slurry by up to 500% and reduce WOC by up to 70%.

Additionally, heating the slurry through QuikCure® improves the cement setting transition times by up to 50% helping to mitigate shallow flow risks and ensuring safe, reliable cementing operations.

QuikCure® Value

Cut Wait on Cement by 70%

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Reduce risk when cementing

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Save rig time

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Do you want to reduce wait on cement time by up to 70%?