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DeltaTek Global Reports International and UK Growth in 2021 – Forecasting Positive 2022

DeltaTek Global, well construction specialist, has reported a record-breaking 2021, with business growth, global expansion and contract awards totaling approximately £3 million. Known for its disruptive technologies which are continuing to be deployed by some of the industry’s most prolific operators, DeltaTek has experienced significant expansion in the last year, having entered new markets and delivered operations in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Asia Pacific. Mirroring its global…

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Downhole temperature data confirming ultimate cement placement

DeltaTek’s pioneering team is constantly striving to make technological improvements to provide our clients with greater value when deploying our systems. A recent improvement to our SeaCure® bottom hole assembly (BHA) involved offering DeltaTek’s weight set centraliser (WSC) as an alternative to our weight set sub (WSS). Both the WSC and WSS provide the set down weight required for the SeaCure® latch in adapter’s collet function to engage into the…

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Preventing drill bit and casing damage from the drill out of conventional shoetracks.

The subsea well cementing status quo currently involves the use of the poor boy inner string method and SSR plug method. The standard poor boy inner string cement job involves running an inner string to within a pre-designed distance of the float shoe and making this up to the running tool. The cement job is then pumped and displaced, leaving a designed shoetrack length to try and guarantee quality cement…

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