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Saved time, reduced risk – how SeaCure® mitigates over side standby cover / fast response cover

DeltaTek’s proprietary SeaCure® cementing system is commonly used due to its ability to provide Ultimate Cement Placement of the casing or liner string being installed. As well as Ultimate Cement Placement, many users have recognised multiple other inherent benefits of this technology, but the one which will be explored in this discussion is the capability to remove the requirement for overside work within the moonpool when running a casing string.…

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Downhole temperature data confirming ultimate cement placement

DeltaTek’s pioneering team is constantly striving to make technological improvements to provide our clients with greater value when deploying our systems. A recent improvement to our SeaCure® bottom hole assembly (BHA) involved offering DeltaTek’s weight set centraliser (WSC) as an alternative to our weight set sub (WSS). Both the WSC and WSS provide the set down weight required for the SeaCure® latch in adapter’s collet function to engage into the…

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SeaCure Wins Industry Innovator Award

Well construction specialist, DeltaTek Global, has been crowned winner of the 2019 Press & Journal Gold Awards Innovation category. Winners were announced at the prestigious awards ceremony on Friday, 6 September, in Aberdeen. The category recognises excellence in offshore energy technological innovation which contributes to increased output, reductions in cost and time and a collaborative ethos. DeltaTek was awarded the accolade in recognition of its pioneering SeaCure technology. SeaCure provides…

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