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Saved time, reduced risk – how SeaCure® mitigates over side standby cover / fast response cover

DeltaTek’s proprietary SeaCure® cementing system is commonly used due to its ability to provide Ultimate Cement Placement of the casing or liner string being installed. As well as Ultimate Cement Placement, many users have recognised multiple other inherent benefits of this technology, but the one which will be explored in this discussion is the capability to remove the requirement for overside work within the moonpool when running a casing string.…

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Preventing drill bit and casing damage from the drill out of conventional shoetracks.

The subsea well cementing status quo currently involves the use of the poor boy inner string method and SSR plug method. The standard poor boy inner string cement job involves running an inner string to within a pre-designed distance of the float shoe and making this up to the running tool. The cement job is then pumped and displaced, leaving a designed shoetrack length to try and guarantee quality cement…

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“Anyone for a SPOF?” … no thanks! How SeaCure® mitigates Single Points of Failure

You don’t need to look far before a Single Point of Failure (SPOF) gets some hard press, from “…SPOF is essentially a flaw in the design, configuration, or implementation of a system” to “SPOFs are undesirable in any system with a goal of high availability or reliability”. Engineers in the well construction industry are often tasked with de-risking their operations and, arguably, their most valuable time spent can be attributed…

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