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Pre-heating the oven: Delivering QuikCure on a 7th generation UDW drillship

As part of the due diligence work required to evaluate our SeaCure + QuikCure services for deepwater well, DeltaTek was recently asked to complete a rig site survey aboard the Pacific Khamsin 7th Generation UDW Drillship. QuikCure builds on the SeaCure stabbed-in inner string cementing concept by circulating an engineered heat sweep (warm seawater) inside the casing to elevate the cement’s minimum environmental temperature and help rapidly build compressive strength.…

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DeltaTek launches webinar to celebrate key milestones and lessons learned

Q4 2020 marks the 20th deployment of DeltaTek’s revolutionary Cure technology rage. From SeaCure and QuikCure to CoreCure and FloatCure, the team has learned something new from every single deployment and that has allowed them to continue to grow the service range and provide customers with solutions to their problems – all while saving time and money. In this webinar, DeltaTek will demonstrate how SeaCure and other 'Cure' technologies have…

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How SeaCure is supporting operators move toward Net Zero goals

DeltaTek launched its SeaCure services in 2018 and has gone on to deploy the technology on multiple new wells in the UK North Sea and the Mediterranean. DeltaTek has been vocal about the time and cost-saving benefits of the technology (up to 80% in some cases), but something that we don’t often discuss is the environmental impact.   “Cement manufacture is one of our biggest contributors to wells carbon budgets”…

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DeltaTek strengthens intellectual property portfolio

Well construction experts, DeltaTek Global, has been granted a patent for its QuikCure technology, strengthening its existing intellectual property portfolio. QuikCure utilises the existing SeaCure inner-string technology and is the engineered process of circulating heated fluid after cement slurry placement, elevating the surrounding cement setting environment – speeding the cement setting process and as a result, significantly reducing Wait on Cement (WOC) time and reducing slurry transition time. QuikCure has…

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Investment Brings Rewards, Heralds Robust 2020

DeltaTek Global is heading into what is set to be a busy 2020, following on from a successful 2019. The well construction specialist, which commercialised less than 18 months ago, has experienced significant expansion - both in the UK and overseas - as its range of disruptive technologies continues to be deployed by some of the industry’s most prolific operators. Launched in 2015, the company’s proprietary products, SeaCure, ArticuLock and…

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DeltaTek hosts webinar showcasing ‘saving rig time’ technologies

Celebrating recent industry award wins and successes of over 70% rig time savings, DeltaTek is hosting a webinar – The Cure Report: 70% Rig Time Savings – on 12th November 2019 at 2:30 PM UK time. Hosted by DeltaTek CEO, Tristam Horn, the webinars key learning objectives are identifying ways of saving rig time through new ways and reducing NPT exposure with field-proven services. Delivering low-risk, high-value cementing operations. Drilling…

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