Q4 2020 marks the 20th deployment of DeltaTek’s revolutionary Cure technology rage. From SeaCure and QuikCure to CoreCure and FloatCure, the team has learned something new from every single deployment and that has allowed them to continue to grow the service range and provide customers with solutions to their problems – all while saving time and money.

In this webinar, DeltaTek will demonstrate how SeaCure and other ‘Cure’ technologies have been able to provide value-adding well construction solutions to operators globally. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Delivering up to 70% Wait on Cement (WOC) time savings
  • Reducing carbon emissions and contributing to net zero goals at no additional cost
  • Providing the Best Available and Safest Technology “BAST” for subsea wells

If you’re interested in learning about how DeltaTek has supported customers through case studies of work completed and more information about how these tools can provide real value to your well construction operations sign up for free via the registration link below.

Webinar: DeltaTek Global’s SeaCure Technology Reaches New Milestone