In true DeltaTek fashion, we have really grabbed the bull by the horns when it’s come to the last couple of months. Rather than sitting back and idly let lockdown pass us by, we’ve been continuing to innovate and push our technology forward.

Designed to accompany our proven SeaCure service, we’re delighted to introduce you to our CureCatcher and SurgeCure technology.



Deltatek’s SurgeCure™ technology has been developed to overcome the challenges in deploying and cementing long casing strings or liners with small annular clearances, particularly in weak formations.

Find out more about SurgeCure™ here.



DeltaTek’s CureCatcher™ float shoe or collar enables a leading mechanical interface for the cement job by utilising a foam wiper ball which is launched into the string ahead of the primary cement job.

Find out more about CureCatcher™ here.


As well as developing and launching two new services, the team has been busy at work presenting our offering to businesses all over the world. No matter the time zone, we’ve been making it work and we’re so grateful to businesses for allowing us to spend more time than ever before with them.

If you’d like to set up a video demonstration of any of our services or chat a little bit more about what DeltaTek has to offer, contact us today!