Celebrating recent industry award wins and successes of over 70% rig time savings, DeltaTek is hosting a webinar – The Cure Report: 70% Rig Time Savings – on 12th November 2019 at 2:30 PM UK time.

Hosted by DeltaTek CEO, Tristam Horn, the webinars key learning objectives are identifying ways of saving rig time through new ways and reducing NPT exposure with field-proven services.

Delivering low-risk, high-value cementing operations.

Drilling shoetracks takes time, can introduce problems and increases risk. Placing cement in a casing annulus in a subsea environment using a poor boy inner string stinger technique can introduce complexities with less than optimal fluid interfaces, fluid velocities, generate contamination in a cement job and result in lengthy setting times at low ambient temperatures.

Following a successful deployment, supported through the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), on Siccar Point Energy’s Blackrock field, DeltaTek’s propriety technology – SeaCure – had been selected for the 30” and 20” casings on the Siccar Point Lyon project. Learning from experience of non-bump problems when using traditional SSR plug technology in previous surface casing operations and suffering the associated drill out inefficiencies, SeaCure was brought in to mitigate these common issues, delivering excellent results.

SeaCure uses stabbed in inner string cementing for subsea wells, eliminating shoetracks, optimising cement placement and improving reliability of pressure testing subsea casing strings. Taking the proven onshore technology of stabbed in inner string and combining them with slip-joint and rupture disc technology, a step change in subsea well cementing has been developed. QuikCure combines SeaCure with a post cement job heat sweep internal to the casing bore, delivering dramatic early compressive strength development of cement for rapid continuation of operations and solid life of well foundations.

Minimise risk, reduce environmental impact, increase saving on rig time. Hear from DeltaTek CEO, Tristam Horn, about how SeaCure and QuikCure solves a number of key issues while saving rig time.