DeltaTek Global Announces Exponential Company Growth in the First Half of 2022

Well construction specialist, DeltaTek Global, has announced exponential growth throughout the first half of 2022 including, surpassed milestones, internal growth and portfolio expansion.

DeltaTek is paving the way to Ultimate Cement Placement thanks to the deployment of its forward-thinking solutions, including: SeaCure®, QuikCure®, CoreCure® and SeaCureRS®. The ground-breaking technology eliminates various well construction risks and provides a reduction to wait on cement times in excess of 70%. Additionally, compressive strength increases of ten times conventional curing in the first eight hours result in low-risk drill outs, increased productivity, and reduced CO2 emissions. The entire Cure Range has contributed to DeltaTek surpassing multiple cost saving milestones for its clients, including global net CO2 savings of 10,000 MT and over 1,000 rig hours.

Furthermore, DeltaTek has announced its flagship technology, SeaCure®, has been deployed to more than 83% of new UK subsea riserless cement jobs with further contracts already secured, forecasting a successful remainder of 2022. Shell UK reported recent success with the subsea cementing system which ensured reliable surface casing cementing and pressure testing and minimised risk in the North Sea HPHT project.

Thanks to DeltaTek surpassing its operational targets and a 30% increase on its historic global job count, the highly skilled team has seen further expansion. Joining the team, which operates in both the flagship UK office and internationally, are Service Supervisors, Christopher Cadiz and Vernon Hay, and Business Administrator, Kimberley Ross.

CEO Tristam Horn comments “DeltaTek’s global growth, successful technology deployments and the expansion of our team is reflective of our commitment to continuous development of the well construction industry.

“Following on from DeltaTek’s success in 2021, we are delighted to see such promising results so early in 2022. With further contracts already secured for the remainder of the year, we’re looking forward to continuing to support our customers with our well construction solutions.

“At DeltaTek, we’re committed to being leading providers of low-risk and cost-effective solutions to achieve Ultimate Cement Placement”

Launched in 2015, DeltaTek’s disruptive innovations, including the full Cure range and ArticuLock®, were created in response to the growing requirement for simple, cost-saving and value-adding products.