Tristam Horn

Tristam Horn


When did you join Team DeltaTek?

Right from the start, I founded DeltaTek in late 2015 and have been giving my all ever since!

Prior to joining DeltaTek, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to?

I started DeltaTek after having been a Drilling Engineer at BP, primarily in the North Sea. I started at BP in summer 2010 after graduating from Newcastle University with a master’s degree in engineering. I was incredibly lucky to have had such a fantastic education at BP, starting with learning about UK semi-submersible subsea drilling for the Kinnoull field, now tied back to the Andrew platform, before quickly being exposed to West of Shetland exploration drilling and subsea P&A.

After working for a few of the mobile teams in the UK, I was enormously fortunate to go and see deepwater operations in West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico before settling down with a West of Shetland focus, working in the Aberdeen HQ. In the early days of DeltaTek I continued drilling engineering on a consultancy basis with Ophir working in London and West Africa.

What does your job entail?

At DeltaTek, a usual day starts with a quick chat with the office side of the business, making sure everybody has what they need to help make their jobs possible. Thereafter, I try and get as much interaction as possible with the users of our novel technologies, as without our valued customers, DeltaTek wouldn’t exist.

Impeccable, uncompromising perfect delivery of our technologies is at the forefront of our strategy, and it’s my job to make sure the team have what they need to guarantee that, and combined with feedback from the customers, I am incredibly proud that it is exactly that level of service that our customers are experiencing.

Helping to communicate that feedback and capability of the DeltaTek team to the wider industry is a never-ending piece of work. I am regularly on the road speaking with other business units within our local customer’s wells community, as well as many new operators who we know will benefit hugely from our technology, ensuring that that are saving rig time.

In a nutshell, it’s my job to help turn what was our “new” technology, into “not-so-new” technology.

Have there been any particular highlights since starting DeltaTek?

Without a doubt the most gratifying aspect of the job is when the DeltaTek team has pulled together to deliver another project for a customer, and that customer gives a glowing review and reports that they are delighted with their decision to use DeltaTek.

It doesn’t get any better than that and it fills me with a wave of pride for each and every member of the DeltaTek family who have all contributed to that success – from the administration team and workshop team to the operational coal-face engineers delivering the service at the well site, everyone contributes toward each and every successful deployment.

It is each well-oiled cog in the machine that makes it tick so perfectly, and the camaraderie that this inspires is the highlight of working at DeltaTek.

Is there anything that you’ve learned about the tools, technology or company that has surprised you?

The incredible thing for me about our services is the opportunity that it has created for the industry.

The first iteration on the journey for our services was just that, step number one. It paved the way for some incredibly exciting learnings for the entire team, which has opened the door to new and wonderfully simple value-adding services that is really changing the way the industry is building subsea wells.

I could have never foreseen this at the inception of the company nearly 5 years ago, but it has certainly been a journey of surprise, blue-sky thinking and creativity, which is radically helping make the industry more efficient and intelligent when it comes to well construction.

The truly exciting thing is that so far, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of the capabilities of our services. What is coming in the very near future is another beautiful iteration of the technology which is again, simple, value-adding intelligence that the team will be incredibly proud of when the operator community sees the benefits and begins using it as they have with our existing product line.