Mark Elder

Mark Elder

Senior Business Development Engineer

When did you join Team DeltaTek?

I joined the DeltaTek team on the 5th of April 2021.


Prior to joining DeltaTek, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to?

After leaving school I thought that I wanted to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I completed my HNC at NESCOL in Aberdeen with a view to going on to university afterwards.

On completing my HNC, I decided that mechanical engineering wasn’t quite for me and changed direction somewhat, going on to study Business Management MA (Hons) at the University of Aberdeen, which I loved. This introduced me to the world of business and business development.

While still at school and throughout university, I worked part-time both at ASDA and as a golf caddy at Royal Aberdeen Golf Club. My work as a caddy pushed me towards a career in business development as I loved the rapport and building relationships with clients.


What does your job entail?

Initially, my job involved spending several months in the operations team to gain an understanding of DeltaTek’s tools and solutions, as well as some time spent offshore to see them in action. Building this technical knowledge was crucial for when I moved into the business development team and started working with clients to identify the right solution for their problems. This has provided me with the technical know-how to move into business development and support our valued customers.


Have there been any highlights since joining DeltaTek? What do you enjoy about working here?

My time at DeltaTek has been fantastic so far and I have already learned a huge amount from the team. The best thing about working here has been the welcoming atmosphere and the time taken by every team member to answer any questions I have. This has allowed me to learn a lot in a short space of time and has made my time here very enjoyable so far. The days certainly don’t drag at DeltaTek.


Is there anything that you’ve learned about the tools, technology or company that has surprised you?

I was surprised by just how many benefits there are associated with DeltaTek’s tools and how much time and money can be saved by our clients when they adopt our technology. Many of the tools have obvious benefits, but the additional contributions they can make toward a company’s carbon emissions or environmental goals stand out. I am excited to continue learning more about our technology and the benefits we will bring to the industry moving forward.