Dave Shand

Dave Shand

Chief Operating Officer

When did you join Team DeltaTek?  

I joined DeltaTek as Chief Operating Officer in late 2017. I first met Tristam at a KPMG / Green and Blacks presentation. I was there as part of Elevator’s Grey Matters 1st cohort and Tristam was part of the Accelerator programme. He pitched the SeaCure concept to me and having started my career as a cementer I instantly understood and loved the simplicity and value proposition the technology. 

Prior to joining DeltaTek, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to?  

I’ve worked in the oil and gas industry for 38 years, 25 of which have been in management and board positions. I’ve worked for companies including Dowell Schlumberger, Petroleum Engineering Services Limited (PES), WellDynamicsExpro and STATS Group.  

I’ve also been able to work with several SME’s, supporting them as they bring new technology to market.  

Have there been any highlights since joining DeltaTek? What do you enjoy about working here?  

There’s been a lot of highs since joining Tristam to build the team which will define DeltaTek. I’m a strong believer that the right team is crucial, and the team here has really come together as it’s grown. We’ve seen the business expand quickly and everyone plays a crucial part in the success of DeltaTek. Everyone has a great can-do attitude and we are all focused on delivering a quality and safe service to our customers. We have a lot of fun and respect for each other. 

Is there anything that you’ve learned about the toolstechnology or company that has surprised you?  

One of the things I love about our technology is the simplicity and robustness of the tools. There’s nothing that’s completely out of this world, but what they do is work. They are helping operators save rig time and extend weather windows – resulting in huge time and cost savings to their operations.