About DeltaTek Global

Why Choose Us


With advanced downhole technologies, DeltaTek’s mission is simple: to save rig time through ultimate cement placement. Specialising in the well construction sector, DeltaTek has developed pioneering technologies applicable to all types of well construction projects. By utilising DeltaTek’s low risk solutions, operators are reducing carbon footprint, increasing operational efficiency and improving the overall well construction process.

Founded in 2015, DeltaTek’s entrance into the drilling market from initial technology concept, through product development to offshore deployment and commercialisation can only be described as unprecedented in the oil and gas industry. In just a few short years, DeltaTek has grown into a company that delivers repeatable, reliable well construction technologies globally.

In 2023, DeltaTek announced it had been acquired by the energy service provider, Expro. The acquisition allows Expro to broaden its offering, capabilities, and technology portfolio within the well construction cementing sector, while accelerating DeltaTek’s international deployment ambitions through Expro’s global footprint.

The Team

More than a century of experience exists in DeltaTek’s leadership team. This experience is supported by a growing team of highly skilled engineers, business development professionals, operations leads and administration support staff.


DeltaTek is committed to providing innovative and forward-thinking solutions to common problems in the well construction industry. Its expanding portfolio of services currently includes ultimate cement placement solutions, speciality cementing equipment and open water efficiency technology.